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Quick Check™ System

Quick Check™ System

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Product Description

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Hunter’s Quick Check™ inspection system performs a comprehensive vehicle inspection in under two minutes. By gathering valuable information about a vehicle’s alignment, brake performance, battery health, diagnostic codes, and tire health, Quick Check allows shops to check every car, increasing revenue and improving customer retention.

Quick Tread™
Automatically measures tread depth & No time loss

Stopping Check
Wheels tested individually & Tests brake force at each wheel and overall vehicle deceleration

Diagnostic Check
Retrieves emission system codes & Wirelessly transfers important vehicle information to console

Tire Pressure
Automatically adjusts air pressure to user-entered OEM spec & Records before and after pressures

Handheld Tread Depth
Quick and easy tire wear check & Alternative to drive over tread depth

Wheel Alignment
Fast verification of alignment need & Boost traffic to most profitable undercar service

Battery Health
Tests battery to OEM specs & Sends results to console wirelessly in 10 seconds

Brake test printout shows pass/fail results for Front-to-rear brake balance, Side-to-side brake balance and Overall brake system performance

Product Videos

Quick Check Vehicle Inspection System: Drive-thru Configuration (01:58)
Hunter's Quick Check Inspection System is now available in a drive thru bay, and printout results are generated in just 2.5 minutes! The Quick Check Inspection System uses Hunter's patented CodeLink tool to wirelessly transmit VIN and mileage to the console, as well as pull emissions codes. The vehicle inspection system also records tread depth at one or three points per tire. Hunter's Quick Comp technology is used to capture wheel alignment measurements in order to determine tire wear angles that may lead to a decrease in fuel economy. Hunter's battery tester performs a battery health check using conductance technology. Hunter's Quick Check inspection system is the fastest vehicle inspection system in the industry, providing a comprehensive vehicle inspection in just 2.5 minutes! Hunter's revolutionary Quick Check Inspection system. This 3 minute inspection checks emission codes, tire tread depth, battery health and wheel alignment. It also auto inflates the tires to manufacturer specifications! For detailed information on the Quick Check Inspection Machine, visit http://www.hunter.com/inspection/qc/ Meineke in Exton, PA, Increases Wheel Alignment Service Revenue and Provides Top Quality Wheel Alignment Service with the help of Hunter's new Quick Check Inspection Machine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jg60ZwwEM4 Hunter Engineering Company is the leader in alignment systems, wheel and tire service, brake service and inspection lane equipment. Hunter equipment is approved and used by vehicle manufacturers, automobile and truck dealers, tire dealers and service facilities around the world. For additional information, visit http://www.hunter.com for all your shop and garage equipment needs.
  • Quick Check Vehicle Inspection System: Drive-thru Configuration
    Hunter's Quick Check Inspection System is now available in a d...

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