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SPX Robinair

Setting The Course For Change

In June 2005, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) started a research program to reduce the emissions of R-134a. The program, called I-MAC (Improved Mobile Air Conditioning), was tasked with cost effectively improving R-134a systems while reducing refrigerant emissions. The I-MAC members have pledged to design smaller systems with fewer leak points and improve service equipment. As a result of this program, the SAE recently approved tighter standards for automotive A/C recovery, recycle and recharge equipment. The new standard, SAE J-2788, requires that all service equipment manufactured after December 31, 2007, must recover 95% of the refrigerant and recharge to within 1/2 ounce.

How will this affect ME?

For years, R-134a was cheap and plentiful. Today it’s a different story – refrigerant is much more expensive and not always available. The Robinair 34988, 34788 & 34288 recover up to 20% more refrigerant, which means it will cost less to recharge the system. The best charge accuracy that could be claimed by older generation service machines was +/- 1 ounce, a 3% error on a two-pound system. That same charge accuracy on a 14-ounce system is over twice the error (7%). Early R-134a systems could still provide some cabin cooling when they were 4-6 ounces (12-18%) low on refrigerant. However, new designs are so efficient, they do not have reserve refrigerant, and charge accuracy is critical. The 34988, 34788 & 34288 will recharge the vehicle to within 1/2 ounce of the charge capacity, and you will avoid the dreaded “come back”. As the shop owner, you will realize more profits per service by recovering more refrigerant and charging less. Refer to the ROI worksheet on the back of this brochure to determine your actual cost savings. The savings will be obvious.

Herron Automotive Equipment has been serving the Memphis Area for over 30 years with high quality SPX Robinair equipment. 


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